Storing Of Black-White Photo Paper

Storing Of Black-White Photo PaperThe main reason that it is not necessary to store too much paper is its fragility. If not stored properly, black-white photo paper can deteriorate very quickly — in a matter of months.

However, with black- white photo paper «Slavich» this does not happen. We still get letters which say that people find a black-white photo paper «Slavich», since the release of which has been more than 30 years and which has turned out excellent print black-white photos!

If you still need to stock up on black- white photo paper for a long time, you can insure. And the best way is a freezer. Place each box of paper into a tight, preferably a sealed plastic bag. Before using the black -white photo paper give it to «thaw out» during night, putting the box in the package horizontally.