Silver Halide

High-Resolution Photo Film

Unique ability of silver halide to form the latent photographic image which is capable to amplify by 107 – 1010 times by action of special organic regenerates in case of a photolysis does silver halide irreplaceable for record of optical information.  Despite of intensive development of electronic means of optical information record of the silver halide photography remains a classical method of obtaining visual images in hard copies. Frequency-contrast characteristics and sensitivity/resolution ratio capability of silver halide photographic materials are much higher than at electronic analogs.

For more than sesquicentennial existence of the traditional photography numerous attempts to replace silver halide in photographic materials on compounds of copper or other chemical compounds including the organic were made. Not silver methods of registration of the optical pattern either lost in processing rate or appeared more expensive. The invention of electronic (digital and analog) methods of registration of the image allowed to exceed the silver halide photography on a photographic response, frequency-contrast characteristics, storing, etc. However electronic methods of registration of the image despite advantages — simplicity of an archiving and storage, speed and convenience of image transfer at distance, possibility of transformation of the images, the guaranteed obtaining unmistakably qualitative copies can’t force out the classical silver halide photography.

Conservatism of professional customers, conservatism of specialists training and once adjusted service in the traditional photo affects. Thanks to these factors, electronic methods of a data recording can’t force out traditional photographic methods completely. Thus, the silver halide photography remains the most widespread high-quality method of registration of optical information in different areas of science and technique, medicine, the art and amateur photography.

In case of silver photographic process study it is necessary to consider its chemical and physical features. Though process as a whole is chemical by the nature however it is accompanied by a row of tightly connected, physical phenomena intertwining with it.