Technical Photographic Plates

Photographic Plate & Film

Fields Of Application

PFN-01T Technical negative photoplates are designed for portrait, landscape, architectural, subject and other technical surveys black-and-white photography.

PFP-01T Positive photoplates are designed for manufacturing of thermometrical scales, stained-glass windows and making of black-and-white images, which are examined in passing light or projected on the screen. There are three grades according to contrast: contrast, special contrast, and supercontrast.

Technical Photographic Plates

PFRP-01T Reproductive semi-tone technical photoplates are designed for reproduction semi-tone black-and-white and color originals, which are notable for smooth (gradual) transition from shadow to light. There are two grades: normal and contrast.

PFRSh-01T Reproductive line technical photoplates are designed for reproduction of
highcontrast text originals and illustration materials in the form of strokes, specks and dots.


Name of IndicesPFN-01TPFRSh-01TPFRP — 01TPFP — 01T
normal contrastcontrastingcontrastingvery contrastingover contrasting
General Light
(S 0,9) unites GOST
(S 0,1) unites GOST
S unites ISO/Din








Effective Sensitivity with ZhS-18 light-filter (Seff), not less than10-401,61,2
Maximum Density on the characteristic curve, Dmax, B, not less than3,03,02,52,81,52,02,0
Gamma, (g), not less than1,7-2,13,01,62,01,52,53,0
Fog Density, (D0), B, not more than0,120,080,090,06
Exposure Latitude, (L), not less than0,9-1,2
Boundary zone of spectral sensitization, nm, not more than580580580400-520
Maximum of spectral sensitization, nm560 ± 10560 ± 10560 ± 10
Resolving Power (R), mm–1, not less than70-100125851008585
Developing time, min
in UP-2M developer
in developer № 1
Strength of swollen emulsion layer
after chemical photographic processing,
H (gram-force), not less than
2 (200)2 (200)1,5 (150)2 (200)
Adhesion between emulsion layer
and base after chemical photographic
processing, conventional classes A-F
Temperature of emulsion layer
Deformation, Tdef, °C, not less than
Metallic silver content, g/m26,5 ± 0,24,5 ± 0,24,5 ± 0,24,2 ± 0,2
Antihalation protectionYesYesYesNo

Main Sizes Of The Photographic Plates (In Mm) As Follows:

90х120, 90х240, 130х180, 180х240 per 6 plates (on glass base of 1,7-1,9mm thickness) in a cardboard box. According to an agreement between a customer and a manufacturer the photographic plates can be manufactured of other sizes.

Open and process the photographic plates under indirect safe light conditions with using a dark-red light-filter № 107.

Climate conditions for photographic plates usage: temperature of environment is (20 ± 5)оС, relative humidity of air (65 ± 15)оС.

Chemical-Photographic Processing Conditions Of The Photographic Plates:

Name of operationTime of processing, minTemperature, оС
20,0 ± 0,5
Intermediate washing0,1-0,218 ± 2
Fixing10-1520,0 ± 0,5
Washing5-1018 ± 2
Drying in the open airTo be dried out completely.20 ± 5

For photo-chemical processing of the Photographic plates Micron production plant manufactures sets of chemical agents for ST-1, UP-2M developers and BKF fixer for 1 liter; liquid concentrated solution of KF-PHOTO fixer.

Guaranteed Shelf Life Of Photographic Plates Is:

PFN-01T, PFRP-01T — 12 months
PFRSh-01T — 18 months
PFP-01T — 24 months

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