Photographic High-Resolution Film

VRP High-resolution photo film is designed for manufacturing of precision photographic masks.
VRP High-resolution photo film is to be according to the qualitative values indicated below in the table.


Name of IndicesValues
1. Sensitometric Indices
1.1. General Light Sensitivity (S 0,9) unites GOST 10691.1-84 after chemical-photographic processing condition in negative mode, not less than0,012
1.2. Gamma, (g), not less than5,0
1.3. Fog Density, (D0), B, not more than0,03
1.4. Maximum Density on the characteristic curve, Dmax, B, not less than3,0
2. Spectral Indices
2.1. Maximum of spectral sensitization, nm525 ± 5
2.2. Zone of spectral sensitization, nm410-565
3. Structural-metric Indices
3.1. Resolving Power, R, mm–1, not less than1570
4. Physical – mechanical Indices
4.1. Adhesion between emulsion layer and base after chemical photographic
processing, conventional classes A-F
4.2. Strength of emulsion layer after chemical photographic processing, H (gram-force), not less than400
4.3. Temperature of emulsion layer deformation in alkaline-sulfite solution, Tdef. °C, not less than90
4.4. Thickness of photo layer, micrometer6,5 ± 1,0
4.5. Antihalation protectionNO

Chemical-Photographic Processing Conditions Of VRP Photographic Film:

Name of the stagesTemperature of solutions, water, air, оCProcessing time, min.
1. Development in VRP-M developer20,0 ± 0,54,0-6,0
2. Washing in water17,0 ± 3,00,1-0,2
3. Fixing20,0 ± 2,05,0-10,0
4. Washing in water17,0 ± 3,05,0-10,0
5. Drying in the open air20,0 ± 5,0to be dried out completely

Photo film is manufactured in rolls and sheets.
The sizes of film are agreed with a customer.
Thickness of base are ranged 175 ± 5, 190 ± 5 micrometers.

Open and process the photographic films under indirect safe light conditions with using a dark-red light-filter № 107 for VRP, VRP-M, PFG-04 photographic films, and with using a dark-green light-filter № 170 for PFG-01, PFG-03M photographic films, and for PFG-03C photographic film with using light-filter № 107 and № 170.

Climate conditions for photographic films usage: temperature of environment is (20 ± 5)оС, relative humidity of air (65 ± 15)оС.

Guaranteed Shelf Life Of Photo Films:

— in rolls — 18 months.
— in sheets: VRP, VRP-M, PFG-01, PFG-04 — 12 months.
— PFG-03M, PFG- 03C — 6 months.

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