High Purity Aluminium

Production of high pure aluminum is one of Slavich Company activities.

We manufacture High Pure Aluminium (Aluminium of semiconductor purity) and Alloys on its base.

Thanks to its technical characteristics and corrosion resistance high purity aluminium and alloys on its base are widely used in semiconductor electronics as the materials for sputtering ohm tracks of integrated circuits, in nuclear power as the materials for sputtering evaporated protection layers and manufacturing specialized equipment.

Aluminium is manufactured according to our own TU (Technical Specification) by a zone melting technique with an additional pretreatment by vacuum endurance and oriented crystallization. Purification is carried out in vacuum with pressure of residual gas 10-5 – 10-8 PA. The method of production has been granted and secured by two patents.

At the customer’s request certification of high purity aluminum is carried out by a mass-spectrometer method on 73 elements in the GIREDMET specialized laboratories (GIREDMET Testint Analytical Center). On test results a Certificate of International Standard is issued.

Aluminium brand  — A5N «Aluslav».
Content of base material, % by mass — 99,999%.
TNVED code/HS codes – 7601100000.
Volume of deliveries, kg/a year —  agreed.
Price and terms of payment — price is given at a customer’s request. 50% advanced payment before the production has been started and 50% — after confirmation that the batch has been ready to be shipped; confirmed irrevocable divisible letter of credit; other conditions are on the agreement.

Kinds of articles — ingot is an incomplete cylinder with diameter about 70 mm, length up to 610 mm, one of the ends has been rounded; it can be supply in any suitable forms according to the agreement or in a form of customized articles according to a customer’s drawing.

Mass of an article —   ingot – up to 5,1 kg.
Package   — hermetically sealed polyethylene bag, a corrugated box or a wooden crate according to the agreement.

Shipping  — any means of transport. Transportation expenses are not included into the product price.

Accompanying documents — specification, a manufacturer‘s certificate on mass and additive composition. A certificate on additive composition is only given at a customer’s request.

The controlled composition and limit concentration of each separate component can be agreed with a customer. For confirmation of quality some samples can be provided or the experimental batch is delivered.

The chemical composition of aluminum and alloys is provided in the table No. 1-2.

Supply of high purity aluminum and alloys made of it in any form according to drawings and sketches of the customer is possible.

Samples Of Manufactured Products: