We cooperate with the international transportation companies, which perform delivery of our products to any country of the world and any way convenient for you.

Shipment of the order is performed only after payment. Delivery cost depends on the weight of the order and applicable taxes.

Below the countries to which our company already delivered orders are listed: Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Romania, USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom.

The international land post delivers parcels in time from 2nd to 10 weeks depending on remoteness of the country or the region.  The air mail delivers parcels in time from 3rd to 6 days.  The custom duties aren’t included and depend on customs rules of your country.

Most often, we ship our orders all over the world via following services:




The courier delivery is rather fast and reliable delivery mode, but in the same time it is more expensive.

There is an alternative way. The TST international company of the Cargo performs delivery of freights by plane, in the international airport of the country of destination. The buyer receives the notice and itself takes away freight from a warehouse at the airport. It reduces the price of delivery cost.

In any case, the choice of transportation company and a condition of transportation are approved with each buyer individually.

The buyer can always choose itself transportation company and order products export.

Attention!  The photographic paper and photographic plates are the silver halide materials sensitive to light.  When exporting, all goods are exposed to customs control by means of technical means – X-rays.

In order to avoid spoil (exposing) of goods, we recommend to use the checked courier companies, or to specify transportation conditions at the carrier!

To agree all delivery terms and conditions contact our manager