Choice Of Black And White Photographic Paper

Black&White Photopaper

There are a lot of different types of photo paper for black-white printing. Each of them has its own unique characteristics, but it is first necessary to make a choice between black-white photo paper on plastic base (RC) and on barytic base (FB).

Plastic paper for black-white printing is mainly used by novice photographers, because it is much easier to work with it than with fiber materials. Her paper substrate coated with a resin layer or with plastic, so that the paper absorbs much less liquid. Because of this, the necessary development time, fixing and cleaning is greatly reduced. In addition, this photo paper dries very quickly and doesn’t curl up.

There is no plastic layer in black-white photo paper on barytic base; the emulsion is directly applied on a thick paper substrate coated with barite — a substance that prevents the penetration of the emulsion into the fibers of the material. As a consequence, reagents during the processing are absorbed by paper. This means that you must carefully flush — remove traces of fixer.

A lot of people begin working on a plastic black-white photo paper — it is more convenient and also cost less. And after getting enough experience, pass on a black-white photo paper on barytic substrate.

Of course, the quality of prints on black-white barytic photo paper substrate is improving, but it is more expensive, and not wanting to make a mistake and ruin the black-white photo paper you need to do everything carefully.

Turning to the category of specialists, professionals mainly print on barytic black-white photo paper. It is noted that the print quality is higher during the printing on black-white large format photo paper — at such print mistakes are more noticeable.

How the photographers tell, a lot of people like black-white photographic paper FB because it is more» real «, it comes from a strong sense of manual work — as opposed to artificial, factory paper RC».

The fibrous varieties of black-white photographic paper FB also better suited for toning and such special techniques like high contrast print, among the varieties of this black-white photo paper there are some very interesting «artistic» variety, with a textured surface, and finally the prints are easier to be retouched and painted by hand.

During 12 years the standard size is the size 30×40 cm. This is the best compromise between the increase and price.

As our favorite customers say — Very large format of black-white photographic  papers are too bulky, and smaller — too small, so they can be hung on the wall.