Black-White Photographic: Conventional Or Multi-Contrast?

Black-White Photographic: Conventional Or Multi-Contrast?Another fundamental difference between the grades of black-white photographic papers is the desired method for adjusting the contrast while printing.

Plain black-white photo paper has a certain degree of contrast, ranges from 0 to V. Graduation II is considered «normal» and is suitable for all normal cases. As the number increases the contrast is increases too, so 0-degree contrasts black-white photographic papers are «soft», IV or V degrees are «contrast».

Multicontrast paper can achieve any degree of contrast during the printing on a single sheet. It is much more advantageous for economic reasons, because you should only have one box of black-white photographic paper instead of having a different contrast. In addition, there are additional features such as independent adjustment of contrast in different parts of a single sheet, which is useful when printing «problem» negatives. Thus, the multicontrast photo paper is most popular nowadays.

Black-white photographic paper with a fixed contrast is mainly used for a special effect, such as texture and creamy shade paper or special nature of the image. Therefore, black-white photographic paper with a constant contrast «Slavich» has fans all over the world. Our bromine-silver black-white photographic paper with a warm hue is amenable to sepia and selenium toning dye.