Slavich Photographic Paper Manufacturer

Slavich Black-and-White Photographic Paper is the legendary Russian product with a long history.

In January 1974 on Pereslavsky Chemical plant site it was started constructing of a Manufacturer on photographic paper production with capacity of 33 million square meters per a year. On December 30, 1979 the Photographic Paper Manufacturer was adopted by the State Commission.

In January 1984 of the barytage shop, two emulsion-coating shops and the finishing shop it is created a single subdivision — photographic paper production. In December 1989 the production plant was reorganized into the Photographic Paper Manufacturer that is working to this day.

The main products:

  • Unibrom and Bromportrait Black-and-White photographic papers for general purpose — for photographic prints at the art and amateur photography.
  • Minutka Black-and-White Reversal photographic paper. Slavich remains the world’s only manufacturer of paper for black-and-white photo booths.

We have kept the production of black-and-white photographic paper and production of processing solutions, but its volume is significantly reduced. And it is an objective picture of the world. Today there is not such a demand for the classic black-and-white photography. The demand for it is preserved only among the skilled photographers.

Now the Manufacturer in addition to traditional products — paper for black-and-white printing manufactures about ten kinds of papers for plotters of various classes and for conventional inkjet printers. We constantly grow this production. While competition is high in this sphere, but due to our high quality and reasonable prices, we increase our market share.

Since 2002 the Company has a Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2000 and a certificate on adoption and usage of HACCP system which are annually confirmed by DQS company audit.

A long tradition of quality, modern management of the Company, attentiveness to the customers’ needs and wishes — all pledge of high quality products and the popularity of Slavich Black-and-White photographic paper.

Today Slavich Black-and-White photographic paper is well known among the photo-artists and art gallery owners around the world. Our paper is exported to countries such as England, France, Germany, Austria, Korea, etc.