MICRON Photographic Plates And Films

MICRON Photographic Plates And Films

After the closure of AGFA company silver halide plate production Slavich company is the only manufacturer of such products in the world.

Slavich company provides silver halide materials for researchers, holographers and universities around the world.

Division producing silver halide photographic plates is called Micron and it manufactures the following products:

  • Photographic plates: high-resolution, holographic, spectrographic, technical and for general purpose;
  • Photographic and holographic films;
  • Production of solutions and chemicals for photographic plate and film processing.

The history of the division have started since June 27, 1975 when the State Commission have put into operation the Photographic plates shop. At that time the Photographic plates shop had no analogues in Russian photochemistry and it was the specific knowledge-based first-born. Over time this production plant was converted into a subdivision Micron and became the jewel of the Soviet photochemistry.

Thanks to joint efforts of the high qualified professionals Slavich photographic plates have acquired high performance advantages. The first VRP photographic plate for microelectronics was manufactured in 1975.

In subsequent years Micron began to produce 20 types of photographic plates for science, spectral analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, space exploration, astronomy, TV color masks

Features of Slavich photographic plates comply with the analogue of foreign worldwide companies such as Agfa, Kodak, Sakura. Some species at that time was unique and had no analogues in the world. For example, photographic plates for color holography manufactured in 1993.

Certainly, today the volumes of the photographic plates production are not comparable with those ones that had been previously. However the unique production has been retained, it operates and performs new development.

The technology for the production of flexible holographic film has been introducted. It is developed the technology of manufacturing thin layer (~ 50 microns) nuclear emulsion for the leading Russian and foreign research institutes.

Micron has a Certificate of the international quality standard ISO 9001 that has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance from the UK.

Slavich photographic plates regularly carry their watch on the ground in the fire shops of metallurgical plants in Russia and other countries. They give a person the unrivaled beauty in the holographic recording. The Photographic plates flew into space aboard the Buran ship. Slavich astronomical plate with pictures of a starry sky is a national treasure of Russia.

Currently there are about 10 asteroids near our planet. Scientists are constantly analyzing the motion of celestial bodies changing their orbits. On astronomical photographic plates asteroids make their way to heaven. Our Slavich photographic plates are the security of the entire planet!