Aluminum Alyuslav

Production of high purity aluminum by a method of zonal melting and oriented crystallization is organized by Slavich Company in 1989. Since 1995 our high purity aluminum is known under a trademark Alyuslav.

Today Slavich Company is the only company in Russia and the CIS that manufactures high purity aluminum and its alloys.

According to requests of the enterprises of the electronic industry we make the following range of aluminum of semiconductor purity:

  • A5N high purity aluminum (99,999 %);
  • A6N super purity aluminum (99,9999%);
  • Alloys on the basis of the A5N and A6N brands:
    • AK-1 (1% of silicon)
    • AT05 (0,5% of titanium)
    • AK1T05(1 of % of silicon, 0,5% of titanium).

Aluminum is made in the form of ingots. In agreement with the buyer high purity aluminum can be in shape — ingots, blanks of targets, targets, hinges, plates.

Annual output of high purity aluminum under brand Alyuslav makes 6000 kg per a year. Small outputs allow to select qualitative raw materials that in turn provides high purity of a product.

Aluminum Alyuslav

Our high purity aluminum is made on own specifications by a method of zonal melting with additional precleaning by a vacuum exposure and oriented crystallization. Cleaning is carried out in vacuum with a pressure of residual gases of 10-5 — 10-8 Pa. The method of production is protected by two own patents.

High purity aluminum and alloys on its basis are applied as materials for spraying of ohmic tracks of integrated microcircuits in the semiconductor electronics, as materials for spraying of protective layers and manufacture of the specialized equipment in nuclear power engineering.

Products from high purity aluminum are successfully applied on installations «Oratorio 9», «Oratorio 29», «Oratorio 36», «Vanan» working in a mode of «rotating magnetrons».

The following demands are made to products from high purity aluminum and to alloys on its basis:

  • Chemical composition (content of impurity);
  • Grain size;
  • Homogeneity on composition and structure on all volume of a product.

Now the products «Alyuslav» completely satisfies to the first and foremost requirement — purity of our products doesn’t raise doubts. Samples of aluminum were checked on compliance to brands at the best certification centers: GIREDMET (Russia), Allen Stuart (Amsterdam), Boeing firm (USA).

Our company exports high purity aluminum to any country of the world with the smallest losses and with bigger advantage for the buyer!