The good photoroom shall be completely dark that the red lamp was the single light source. Each room which can be darkened adequately, is suitable for photographic operations. The amateur photographer operating not every day, can charge in the evenings holders and develop the plates in any living room, having veiled windows the dense matter. Very easily it is possible to adjust under the dark room - a bathroom.

Having used the special dark room, it is recommended to arrange double doors with 70-100 cm gap between them or to hang up an impenetrable for light curtain. It gives the chance to leave the dark room during an operation with light-sensitive mediums.

The device provided schematically in a figure is even better. Behind a door leading to the dark room there is a wall, away from it there is another wall A, and to this last at right angle as it can be seen in a figure there is one more wall B. Thanks to such device it can be reached that even when opening door light doesn't penetrate and the room remains dark.

The input device to the dark room

The input device to the dark room.

In case of arrangement of the dark room it is possible to do and without the specified adaptations; it is necessary to pay only attention to that light didn't penetrate through door slots. If light penetrates at least into small slots, it is best of all inside, behind a door of the dark room, to hang up a curtain. To be convinced, whether light penetrates somewhere, it is enough to remain in the room in case of perfect darkness for some minutes.

In the same way it is necessary to close carefully and windows. If this room always serves as the dark room, windows densely are sealed up by a double or triple layer of the black paper serving for package of plates.

Color of walls of your dark room doesn't matter. White walls suit better because they will reflect light of a red lamp and more convenient to do operation. At the same time, the wall area behind an enlarger shall be dark as the slightest flares from its lamp can, having reflected, to get on paper. If the dark room temporal, it is possible to place a leaf of a black material behind an enlarger.

In the dark room it is necessary to set washing by the sizes approximately 90х90см with cold and hot water and a shower watering can. It does the dark room more perfect, allows to wash out horizontally prints of any size, and also to maintain constant temperature of all developing trays and tanks in a water bath.

For bigger comfort, the dark room can be equipped with acoustic columns that in the course of operation it would be possible to listen to music from the recording device.

All operations with any film, except orthochromatic, it is necessary to do in full darkness. But darkness in the room is necessary only during film charging in a tank. It is possible to wait appropriate time of days, to load a film in the dark room without windows.

The equipment of the dark room necessary for development of a film and the printing of photos

  • the universal tanks for development of a film of types 135, 120 and 220
  • nippers for removal of drops
  • measured ware, ware for mixing, the thermometer, clamps
  • chemistry for film development
  • photographic enlarger
  • lenses
  • the time (delay) relay switch with an exposure
  • focuscop
  • framing frames
  • trays, the roller and scraper for removal of drops from prints
  • roller cutting torch for photographic paper
  • chemistry for paper development